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FEBRUARY 02, 2011.

Had our seminar today (the one that we’ve been preparing since the year started) Thank God our hard works and efforts paid off well big time i guess. I was supposed to watch Junior Masterchef but i ended up watching a Thai movie entitled A CRAZY LITTLE THING CALLED LOVE, because the flash drive that i borrowed was supposed to contain the junior masterchef episodes but it turned out that my friend gave my the wrong flash drive. I was actually set to watch this movie tomorrow with friends though they’ve seen it already. And i’m really excited to watch this coz they’ve been and a lot of my friends in facebook have been raving about this movie. That made me really watch the movie right then and there.

okay, so like during the first 20 minutes of the film i was like LOL at myself. hahaha. i seriously can’t help it!! Nam looks hilarious fantasizing about Shone together with her BFFs!! hahaha

she’s the one on the right side. here’s a closer look.

turns out that our ugly duckling is set to transform into a beautiful Swan!

okay, here’s Shone, the object of Nam’s desires!! 

but i will never forget Teacher In!! ENDERSTEND?? THENK YOU!! I LOVE YOU! and FTW, EM FINE!!! for she made me LMAO alone!! seriously my stomach ached laughing because of her epic antics!!

and here’s my favorite part of the movie.


 Once a upon a time, there were two squids. They had traveled until they met each other. Then, they fell in love. They became a couple. Finally, they got married. On the day of marriage, squid priest told them to hold hands. So, they held each other’s hands, held the hands, held hands, held hands, held hands, held hand

this movie is too cute!! i may really not forget about these for day or for weeks or ever forever!!

we all have our first love…this is everyone’s story :)

P.S Nam really looks a lot like Kim Chui!!


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